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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Chelsea Beats Benfica

Chelsea clinches UEFA Europa Cup title (2013); it’s come after last year’s victory in Germany of UEFA Champions league. A sweet victory for 'Romans army', a well deserve win at the death of time. Fernando Torres finally delivers while Branislav Ivanovic seals the victory. Mata plays all goal assistance and that team work. Team spirit.
            Chelsea still the cork of the walk, the Blues rules European skies, and from the Chants last year in Germany to the deafening triumph in Amsterdam a calendar day to remember,11 years on still a true blue and Chelsea for life fan, craze.
              It dramatic Europa league trophy, as the captain lifts the trophy, Chelsea 2 Benfica 1.
From Allianz Arena to Amsterdam Arena, two special cups two different nations, two different years, two diverse teams, Chelsea beat Bayern, Chelsea beat Benfica.
     I asked the dove what’s love?, she responded when you fly into two gardens and come out a winner, I asked blue tit what’s blue?, it’s when Chelsea makes the sky blue and wipes away the clouds and a bright new day is delivered to fans, I (Joshua Boitt) asked  why shed tears? Because the tears will be wiped away with sweet victories and on we march to Stamford singing with the doves and blue tits.
Remember this Benitez beats Benfica, Cech cheats Cardozo and saves the day,
Chelsea did and will do it again, in style with a smile, the game is on next season comes soon with a bang 2013-2014.