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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Nelson Mandela Dies at 95.

Nelson Mandela, the icon of peace,the tower of love, the African statesman who forgave those who wronged him, dies at 95. Africa has frozen.
 Leaders have come and gone but Mandela remain as a legacy and tribute to our hearts, minds and souls. Young and old loved him from my Native Kenya and here in India a street is named after him in New Delhi, Nelson Mandela Road Vasant Kunj...its show respect and love that he had to India.
The fig tree has fallen the lights have dimmed , winds of time blown away our dad, an inspiring father. Africans gather from villages and the cities, hamlets and tears cloud their visions, we have lost a man who  united Africa and the world, we lost Africa's son, dad .
His legacy of forgiveness remains the tower of peace, liberty,love fraternity and unity. We will walk his path, the journey was long and shortened by death, Nelson Mandela the Letter 'M' the letter of peace a letter of unity and reconciliation..from Mvezo village, a Madiba clan.. wives  Evelyn Mase Winnie Madikizela..Graca Machel..memories of the strong man we will miss you.... From Mandela's words "We shall build a society...where all will be able to walk tall..., a rainbow nation at peace with itself and the world... this beautiful land" Touch and inspiring, the journey has begun I shall follow his footsteps to unite the world.
Africa celebrates the life of Nelson Mandela,and mourn his death. He fought the race, he delivered Africa from bondage of apartheid, he forgave, he reconciled and loved all ..a leader to be emulated
Rest in peace Mandela, a river that will flow in peace to our hearts.
Farewell Papa Mandela.
By Joshua Boitt
Zero Mile, central point of India, Nagpur.

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