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Monday, 9 January 2012

Kolkata Unversity

     The 'city of love' Calcutta a.k.a Kolkata
     The great metro city,a city teeming with friends,it made my day.Hey day! may day! great Indian University established in 1857,the oldest in Indian Subcontinent carries memories of the old days and brings us together in this new generation,having an opportunity to present a paper and reach out to the entire sea of elites,scholars it humbles me.
     The public transport,the trams,the underground Kolkata metro amazing!

     Howrah 'station of friends', a warm reception,crossing the 700+ m Howrah bridge was a test of time,the memories of my grandfather comes alive fighting the second world war across the boarder in the jungles of Burma, when the bridge was constructed.
A ferry across my first experience , on the banks of Hooghly religious bath at I can see the pilgrim on the banks..this is India, a dream come true,meeting strangers who are now friends for life time goes fond to my memory pockets ,the down town Calcutta magnifies the love and care..keep loves and affecting streaming down my heart. The streets ,the people night life ancient buildings oh! times immemorial.From Aurangabad 37 hours by train to a day to cherish,Bangladesh friends,the Oriya language,Bangla..keep bringing memories o! how the East India stands out of the rest of the country.
Surendranath College for Women raps up my stay with the National seminar on Journalism in the Age of New Media, panning my camera with panache ,a humble reception,well served and respected,with Kolkata cuisine,the taste that I still feel in my saliva,the humility of the students,reminds me of mama Africa, that's the spirit of Calcutta that's the spirit of India.Gracias