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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Aurangabad Sets,Guinness World Record

Jana Gana Mana, 
Melodious music first sung in 1919 in the courtyards of Madanapalle, in Bengali script,now in National Library at Kolkata transliteration (NLK) chanted by a mammoth multitude to create a world record by singing it simultaneously. A National Anthem Echoed,across Divisional Sports Complex Garkheda,It's a world record and 25th of January 2012 will go down in history books as the Day Aurangabadkars sung their hearts out, a day before India's Republic day.
Its a moment of  fame, from Kenya being part of the gargantuan crowd and singing,the famous Anthem that Rabindranath Tagore wrote in 1911,sung 93 years ago,fresh from setting my foot at Calcutta University, its 'aste aste' the Bengali words still in my memory and his statue stands tall,singing in Kolkata too and now in Guinnes record its awesome.
The crowd that thronged the stadium was about 40,000 and the world record held by Pakistan of people singing national anthem in one place in unison stands at about 5857,the head count of the record could be 10,000 as the people left before being counted. School children sat in the football field as officials struggle to contain the crowd for head count,volunteers stood at every 50 people,The organizers had difficult time to contain the crowd for the count and students makes about 80% of the record.
I came, I saw, I participated, WE CONQUERED!!,Its Guinness World Record .From the great land of Africa, to the great Himalayas,the sailors sing Jana Gana Mana in the Bay of Bengal I sing it in the city of Gates.Its a song of two cities.
With the official tally at 15,342 the record set by Pakistan shattered in triple.Panning my camera with panache,minute by minute it was amazing experience.
Happy republic day India.May the echoes of your true spirit be heard in the Indian ocean and the highest peaks of the Himalaya .Awesome Aurangabad!
 Jaya jaya jaya,jaya he! Long live India