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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Costa Concordia

A picture for representational purposes,courtesy Simran my blog correspondent in Europe,this is a Cruise liner off Spain coast.

The Costa Concordia,a cruise ship likened to the Titanic tragedy is a stark reminder that accidents will always be there and disasters strike anytime anywhere.The tales of survivors tell the whole story.Confusion,commotion,honeymooners stranded.About 4000 people abode, Mediterranean has opened its belly but luckily God was with them that disaster averted and home they are,a century ago the ill-fated Titanic sank April 1912 about 1500 died,January 2012, Costa Concordia tilts and sinks 5 already confirmed dead about 50 missing.
Who is to blame,the rock or the navigation system? The captain blames the chart,the authorities blames the captain ,the circle goes..and the back stops at investigation.Where was the navigator? What did the nautical chart show....a rock or nothing? No distress call or a hail mayday!
A stark reminder for regulators as the world gears up for ship building and as the skies rocks with Dream liners,the empress liners with five star ships out in the seas small moving islands roaming the surface of the great oceans,safety should be the first priority and not Big Ships with fame,glamour lets not forget fate.The sea has its tales,the oceans has its past ship wreck,safe journeys for those at sea.
For the families of those who died may strength and peace be with you.Be strong,foot bravely.