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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Sting operation

Sting operation (operation Joshua Boitt)...being there seeing it happen..a wonderful bait..laid..the trap managed to catch the small and the big fish..of corruption,caught on camera taking bribe,the policemen lead the way,traveling by Lokmanya Tilak train from south India i managed to have a honeypot that eventually got the ticket checker into the trap..they are took 12 hours for them to give us seats after a heated argument of which they wanted "tip" a form of soft term for corruption........more will come in boitt images group of my face-book page and images of corrupt official from around the world from my team and volunteers....
If you manage to have any scam or scandal ,audio or written ..lets share to clean up the society a clean field to reach greater heights it to this blog ,i will share and keep your identity you like-Joshua Boitt