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Monday, 28 February 2011

Libya Liberated

The Amazonian Guard no more,female bodygurads will stay awake no more for fallen Colonel Gaddafi is the regime that kills its own people for power that last no longer.
Better safe than sorry the Libyan forces should learn a lesson from the Egypt Revolution.The voices in the streets cannot be stopped,the middle class has risen and old men who cling to power its their turn to relent.
Colonel Muammar Gaddafi a shrewd negotiator,a revolutionary a dictator,eccentric leader turned ruler faces final showdown and final blow, sounds of African ancient drums are heard to the ends of the earth,gone are the days when the iron fist rules.People's power reign.
Let the centre of command from the criminal court in the Hague take charge and liberation will come when all the dictators face justice.The nexus between leaders of the west and Libya revealed from the Lockerbie bombings of the Pan Am flight 103 and the events after till date reveals more and more to come after the as freedom romps to Libya.
Oil Libya and its venture into east Africa,the wealth and power of African leaders who benefited from Gaddafi's hood,yet to be Unmasked
Hague should open the can of locusts and the world will know them that are tyrants.
Fear factor rushes through the Arab world and the once lucrative oil wealth and the rich who used it for their benefit and to please the west and their own people peril learns the hard way..long live the voices of ordinary people.
Western puppets are fallen,and the rise of the ordinary people spellbound to great prosperity,
More revelations still besieged,oil brings turmoil and war,its now the people to bring peace from non-violence.
Freedom has come,Libya is liberated.The Arab Africa is liberated.
Peace,love and Unity