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Friday, 14 October 2011

Title /Theme: Social Exclusion and Media

Social science:
Title /Theme: Social Exclusion and Media

Author: Joshua Boitt (M.A Journalism and Mass Communication Dr.B.A.M. University Aurangabad Maharashtra)

Mentor: Prof. Sudhir Ghavhane

Joshua Boitt is a first year Masters student, double majoring in Journalism and Mass communication Raised by an uncle and single parent, he pursued a life in social sciences.Boitt is also the president of K.AS.A Kenya African Student Association in Aurangabad India a student-run body that acts as a liaison between students body and the Kenyan Embassy in New Delhi .He focuses on social exclusion and fusion of democracy and communism to bring back the social fabric that’s once held the society together. The contemporary changes happenings, is a driving factor in Boitt’ quest to unite people and promote peace, love and harmony. An application he is to projecting through the media.


With the events culminating the political changes in North Africa and Middle East, social exclusion and the media has played a key role. Despite the vast research by Africans on rising middle class in Africa and political changes, less is known about what transpired in youth minds that’s led to street protest. The drama unfold when a lone man Mohammed Bouazizi takes the extreme step to protest the iron fist of the authorities  by setting himself on fire in Tunisia giving a wide panorama of the reality on the ground. He depicts the corruption, the bureaucracy, unemployment and price rise in basic commodities of the regime. Politics and social exclusion fused, creating a dent in media for the events were never predicted.  Statistical data neither showed the perceptions and harmony in the changes that took place. A study through, interviews of two Egyptian students. A critical analysis news that’s elevates the extent of the issues in the regions. This interviews and analysis opens great  scope  for more research into social change and the role that social media played over the traditional media.