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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Royal Wedding

Pomp and pleasure,glitz and glamor,invitations rescinded,persona non Grata from Syria..if you wee the ambassador what would you have done??..what do you think is going through his mind as the Government in Syria cracks down on the protestors..its a shame pity and this should be dealt with by the UN  and the long list of 1900 guests from across the globe its Royal Wedding 7.0,where is my invitation i would be panning my camera with panache,don the downing street.
For the Royal;l love-bird I wish them well in their grand wedding and it will be the most watched ..unison ever by a large global audience and as the chant goes..Jerusalem song would be wow! awesome, amazing,to the tunes and the kisses of love forever Kate obey William...the rest God will provide..

The romantic version,a new day a new dawn for the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge..A re Invention of Royalty.
The Aston Martin DB6..Rolls..Down Buckingham Palace,stunning and beautiful view.
The boat has left,the British Royalty at its peak,the wedding of the century,32 million dollars...the wedding dress designed to fit the day,the royalty the colors the culture,elegance
One striking feature Kate and William got engaged in Kenya.. 
I do! Sealed with a kiss, ruled with pomp pleasure and pageantry.JU5T WED..EBY 776J,The blue Aston Martin
Waiting for the baby..ha-hah! From India I pen off..for the reception.