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Tuesday, 23 November 2010


   Mizoram -'Land of the Mizo people',the choir city-Aizwal. 
   The choir TBZ soothing to thy soul and with great artistes makes a quest to reach the one star-Mizoram in the land of seven sisters.Amazing choir that sang their hearts out and capturing the hearts of Aurangabad Octave 2010 show,they stole the party and hearts of a mammoth crowd of  2,000 plus consisting of  people from all walks of life young and old rich and poor,lame and able students and professionals.
     The flowing with firendly people,great rivers wash the valleys afar the peaks and mountains the birdrds of the air sings alongside TBZ Choir
     I stood there panning my camera with panache,the song Amazing Grace took the show by storm unforgettable journeys across the hearts,and the grasping of Swahili song by the tune of hymns tune,Mizo goes Swahili.
     Long life TBZ Choir,long live North East India
'Asante' thanks in Swahili