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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Boitt Images

 Honda Accord,Mumbai India

Luxury motor boat, Arabian sea
off Mumbai coast,near Hotel Taj
I Joshua Boitt aka joshua boit..offer images,photographs,footage--defining moments in history,capturing live shots,personalities among human interest and untold stories..and the wonderful nature that nature our talents be part of it.
From sports grounds to the skies afar,the blue seas of South East Asia and around the world as far as the French snapshots..Brazilian beauty.from the eyes of adept photographers of Campo Grande (Big Field),the street of  Sao Paulo..Amateurs of African wild photography spirit, the Shepherd's of the Cherangani Hills..get a glimpse of the De Brazza's monkey and home to the Sitatunga (Antelope) my home turf- Saiwa swamp-Kitale Kenya, the Big Apple to the Burg.. Badung Indonesia to Bangalore India,the journey has just begun in India and all rights are reserved.The images are in my blog and website.
Forever, alight and the language of light from my Amigos....friends alike..the penguins walk miles..the lenses zoom them..the doves dive..I pan the camera with panache..the pigeons fly...the shutters capture the moment..miss it miss out
Distribution of images via Internet .
The river has just taken course..wade,swim,ford my stream..till we converge in the sea.. see you there..

Type - Private
Genre - photography
Industry - Media(journalism)
Founder - Joshua  Boitt,
Editor-    Sharayu (India) cl France
Contributors -Ilan  (France) India
                     Danilo (Brazil).cl India
                     Rahi  (India) current location (cl)-USA
                     Intan  -Badung(Indonesia)-USA
                      Veenu -New Delhi (India)
                     Eddie  -Kitale(Kenya)
                     David -Mizoram (India)
Headquarters - Aurangabad,Maharashtra State, India

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  1. This is the genesis of my quest to reach the world in the language of light-photography..i welcome you all to join and snaps from across the globe to make up a photo gallery that will unite us to one planet eyes here!


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