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Friday, 7 May 2010


Like any other day,i left University for my apartment ,04/05/2010,just 20 metres from my room as i crossed the public road to buy milk from a shop,i heard...''negro,..negro-o,i ignored,the call to action,the the second time,i turned and saw four boys,i went straight to them and asked them why they said what they had ...English samaste nahi!..i don't understand English in Hindi ..on said...i asked another English samaste.. do you understand English..he said no and then a laugh irritated me more,..jao(go) one said..he stood and pushed me,i pushed back and he slapped me on the face,i kicked him,then hell broke loose,from my side a boy around 13yrs..kicked my on my rib..but the enemy was in front,and the rest of the boys,a crowd gathered..and after i overpowered him he ran across the road of what i came to know was his home a came with what looked like a metal bar,a woman and a boy (mother and a brother) restrained lucky day,pulled and shoved to go away by others,vehicles stopped,bikes and a crowd gathered,i made a call to my lecturer and the headed to the police station,i came with police and an FIR was registered,then on the scene the father of the assailant said if i will follow the case,he will file a parallel case against me that i went into the hose where Muslim girls and woman were,i told him to go ahead and why is India crying foul in Australia against racism and yet i for the fourth time had to face the same in their own backyard?..
i will edit and tell you more got to open the almost 6pm here in India