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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Barcelona 1 -Inter Milan 0

Mourinho Magic

Volcanic clouds settled down,the dust blinded Barcelona at Nou Camp,Messi's magic wing flight to Madrid.Inter reaches the final,

Solid defence,feathery touch left Barcelona,holding the ball till a clearance that will haunt them,Barcelona bruised and beaten,a dream to Paris,a dream to Rome but as Mourinho Jose said its was an obsession to reach the finals in Madrid.

Call it boring game but sweet victory,just a smell for Barca,the aroma for Inter Milan,it wanst mesmerizing ,no Messi magic,as a cheering Chelsea craze, a standing ovation,sweet revenge for the special one,I was haunted and by Barcelona and Liverpool since 2004,denying me happiness but now I hold no heavy heart for Barcelona but Liverpool Super Sunday..the match of the season...2nd May-2010..may we cruise to a Chelsea twit..May Day.Mourinho's comments,post match"It is a style of blood not skill. When the moment of leaving everything on the pitch arrives, you don't leave the skill you leave the blood.'' I salute the special one,we miss you at Chelsea

Jose Mourinho twit as he dives with a finger in the sky across the field,the final blow and the final whistle..Jose has done it not only for Inter but also for Chelsea 'most beautiful defeat of my life'